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“Grand Ole Opry”: A music video about dreams coming true, this tells the story of what happened when Maureen’s husband Curtis surprised her with a visit to the Grand Ole Opry while on their honeymoon, featuring pictures and video clips the couple took that day. 

“Biker Food”: This is a humorous look at the more fattening side of being a biker, featuring pictures and videos clips of the food found at bike rallies and parties. Warning: This song may cause cravings for fried food and beer.

“She’s Too Busy Ridin’”: Bikers who are too busy riding their motorcycles to take time to wash them will enjoy this music video, which features video clips of Maureen’s motorcycle trips around the USA . . . oftentimes on a rather dirty bike.

“Are There Bikes in Heaven (Bumpin’ Bob’s Song)?”: Dedicated to Maureen’s dear friend and frequent mentor Bob Viala, this song dreams about the perfect place to ride a motorcycle.

“We the People”: A song dedicated to the beautiful USA and the people who made and continue to make her the greatest country in the world.

“As We Ride This Road Before Us (A Biker Wedding Song)”: The perfect song for any biker wedding, this was Maureen’s wedding gift to her husband Curtis. The music video features pictures from their wedding and the 6-week cross-country honeymoon they took on their motorcycles. 

“Shepherds’ Christmas”: This music video is the true story of a rather sparse but nonetheless extremely loving Christmas (remade on location). 

“Ave Maria” (Franz Schubert): Maureen’s rendition of one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.