About Maureen Griffin


Maureen Griffin is a singer/songwriter whose songs reflect the true stories of her motorcycle adventures around the USA. She is a professional actress who appeared in many Off-Broadway productions, including in repertory with Light Opera of Manhattan. She has also been a leader of song in church for over 25 years. 


Maureen began riding a motorcycle at the age of 52. At that time she had never dreamed of riding a motorcycle, but a handsome biker — her future husband Curtis — eventually charmed her onto the back of his motorcycle. Initially terrified, Maureen soon became addicted to two wheels and learned how to ride her own. Seven years later, the couple rode their bikes cross-country on a 6-week honeymoon.

Motorcycle trips inspired Maureen to write and record songs about their adventures and the whole biker culture. She started her own music production company, and to date has released three albums of original songs, as well as an old-time Gospel album.


Her music garnered the attention of several TV and radio hosts, and she was not only interviewed but was also asked to host several of her own radio shows. When Maureen told one TV host that she began this part of her career in her late 50s, he immediately recommended her to the Director of the Ms. New York Senior America Pageant. Maureen soon found herself being mentored in the fine art of pageantry by prior winners. Four months later, singing one of her songs, she won the title of Ms. New York Senior America 2018 and was also voted Ms. Congeniality by her fellow pageant contestants.

Maureen has graced the covers of several magazines, including the national American Motorcyclist Magazine.

Good Times Magazine Wrote:

[T]he heavenly voiced Griffin and her country rocking backing band keep things lively throughout, and [ XOXO] is a likely landmark in a music career that’s late blooming but obviously just beginning.

Maureen Griffin has held a place in our hearts since 2015, thanks to her charming pair of biker-themed albums.